This month ambassador Savera shares why she has set her heart on a career in Law. Through our ambassador community young women can access development opportunities and career workshops that give them an insight into a wide range of careers. This gives them the confidence and knowledge needed to pursue their dream careers. You can watch our recent Law workshop below Savera's blog.

  • Are you studying your A Levels?
  • Thinking about which University you want to go to?
  • What do you want to study?

I’m Savera and I’m on a journey into a career in Law.  The big question you might be asking yourself is why do I want to study Law?  Well I found out that Law is a well-paid and highly lucrative career path. I know, I know I’m thinking about the money but sometimes we do have to think about being financially secure. 

I’m celebrating my GCSE results this year as I am now going on to do A Levels in English Language, Politics and Sociology.

Law is the goal for me because no matter what I do, I see myself as a lawyer as I want to be able to work with people, which makes me a good fit for law school.

Why Law?

A good legal education can prepare  you for life beyond law school - it can teach you about the importance of justice, fairness and equality.  Being a lawyer gives me the opportunity to make an impact on society through my career choice.  For example supporting young people if they have been unfairly treated in the workplace or threatened with homelessness.   

I want to become a lawyer because I love helping other people learn about legal concepts and the law itself.  A career in law can be very fulfilling and bring positive change to the world. Depending on the areas of law you choose to study, you work on cases that have an impact on climate change, human rights like refugee rights or even simply things that affect a person’s life from a dispute to a family matter.

It’s not going to be easy...

I am a firm believer that we are all here to do a job. The path to becoming a lawyer is not an easy one and no one can claim the glory of being a barrister when all is said and done. Getting my foot in the door will need hard work but with determination it can happen.  

For example there is a gap in the representation of women to men law firms. Women lawyers have often cited gender bias, stereotyping, striking the right balance of work and personal life, unequal pay, and even difficulties in the workplace has created huge barriers. 

But that hasn’t put me off - in fact it’s made me even more determined to become a lawyer.   

I've always been interested in the legal field as I think it's important to know what's going on in the world around you. Legal studies
 require a great deal of reading and writing, which is a good way to increase your vocabulary - can you manage learning words like prosecute, appointeeship, claimant or Crown Prosecution Service?

They may sound like terrifying terms but I want to understand what they stand for and how they affect our lives.  

The awesome Erin Brockovich

I am inspired by my favourite movie Erin Brockovich - it’s about a mother who works as an assistant at a law firm. She is the only breadwinner and is a single parent.  It follows how her journey into Law was a great career choice for someone who finds satisfaction in helping others, or who wants to learn about government regulations or legal systems.

A job in law is my dream, I want to make it come true!

Thank you to Savera for sharing her passion and ambition with us. We're sure she will make a fantastic lawyer one day and we look forward to supporting her to reach for her goals. If Law is something you're interested in you can watch our Law online workshop below: