Joanie Clothing

From an idea first sparked in December 2015, Joanie was born out of a desire to create vintage-inspired style for the modern wardrobe, with fun, flirtation and femininity at its heart.

Our brand is inspired by our Designer’s Great Aunt, Joanie; a glamorous woman who tapped and twirled her way through the fifties and sixties. She was always well-turned out with perfectly coiffed red hair and to this day, Joanie enjoys nothing more than an afternoon of tea dancing, indulging in high tea with friends, and an ice cold glass of ginger beer.

50% of proceeds from the Lada Girls Club Slogan Tee go to The Girls' Network!


ALOË is a Liverpool-based earrings brand established by Alice and Chloë. We are long time friends and travel partners who met 10 years ago in Amsterdam whilst studying Fashion Design.

After a decade of exciting career ventures, living in different countries and travelling the world we moved in together in Liverpool and decided to create our own brand. Aloe was born poolside on a holiday in Madrid from a desire to make gorgeous limited edition earrings that we love to wear. Inspired by plants, travel, positivity, colour (and now space!), we set out to make collections that are fun, wearable and playful.

Small batch designs are lovingly created from our studio in the Georgian Quarter in Liverpool, where we use an exciting mix of polymer clay, hand poured resin, tortoiseshell charms and mother of pearl to decorate your ears.

Through a collaboration with local astrophysicist and earring enthusiast, Helen Jermak (Liverpool Telescope, Liverpool John Moores University), we conceptualised a range of creative jewellery for British Science Week, focused on six different space themes; jets, nebulae, gravitational waves, the Moon, gravitational lenses and telescope mirrors.

Helen strongly believes in making astronomy accessible to everyone, and encouraging people to use space as a theme for their creative endeavours. Attracting diverse individuals to science and engineering allows, new ways of thinking, innovation and exciting discoveries.

In order to create space for everyone within science and engineering, it is crucial that young people have suitable role models to guide them and give them confidence to pursue their dreams. For this reason we are supporting the Girls' Network, and for each sale in the Cosmic Collection 50p will be donated to the The Girls' Network.

GVG Accessories

I have loved handbags and all things accessories since a really early age, you should see my key ring collection! However as I grew up, I soon realised that life can throw you some curve balls which really affected my life, mental well being and outlook on the future. 
That's why every purchase made with GVG Accessories gives a special donation to a variety of charities close to our hearts and personal values - Claire, Founder of GVG Accessories. 

Donations are made to The Girls' Network with every purchase of an accessory in Dove Grey or Violet.


PHINE Jewellery

PHINE is a London based Swedish jewellery brand, setting a new benchmark for “Scandi” Statement Jewellery that is fierce and daring! We take pride that our jewellery can be worn all day and night. Our jewellery stands for equality and no matter what the occasion is, you will always look Phine and feel empowered.

Phine jewellery is all about being your personal armour, we want all wearers to feel confident and strong, giving you the freedom to go anywhere and accomplish anything!

PHINE also believes in Fairtrade and the use of environmentally friendly materials. This means our products are both sourced sustainably and produced to fair trade standards, with the use of recycled sterling silver and fair trade gold on all PHINE pieces.

For each sale in the Feminist collection, £10 is donated to the The Girls' Network. 


Girls Done Good

Founded in 2018 by designer-makers Harriet Cox and Zoë Tynan Campbell, Girls Done Good designs and sells awesome products that give back. Sisterhood for sister good.  

All our products are designed and made in the UK and £1.00 from the sale of the Girls pins or Girl Power pencils goes to The Girls' Network.


Wear and Resist

After the political events of 2016 I decided to channel my frustration (and rage) into a creative endeavour that would also help raise money for charities working for women's equality and to help disadvantaged women.

Wear and Resist has grown word by word and colour by glittery colour. Each item is designed and made by a mother daughter duo in their Oxfordshire studio.

£2 of every sale from the Resist, Persist and Nasty collections go to The Girls' Network. 



Have you ever been into a shop and seen a dress you love but thought: ‘if only….[insert any variation of styling aesthetic or fit issues here; longer, shorter, with a sleeve etc]’? this is what Annie, the founder at Ethereal London, wants to change. Every woman is different and ‘one size’ does not fit all in terms of styling so she wants to enable women to have more choices, taking into consideration any personal body confidence issues and style preferences.

Working in the fashion industry for a larger retailer when the going got tough or something went wrong, which it often did, we always used to have the saying ‘we are not saving lives we are just making clothes’ and at the end of the day it is so true! So how, when my passion and new business plan was still ‘just making clothes’, could I possibly make a difference?

I was looking to link with a charity and I then came across an article in Stylist magazine that really captured my attention… When Mentoring Becomes a Feminist Movement’ 

The Girls' Network was the perfect partnership and so Ethereal offers a donation with every sale made. 

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