Say hello to Dezrika, our new Mentor Community Lead. She's bringing a fresh breeze of energy and nearly a decade of experience within the charity and impact sector. 

Working frontline with at-risk young people to building relationships with diverse communities, ensuring programmes meet their unique needs and support women to realise their professional ambitions. Her expertise extends to volunteer retention and support, having organised programmes,  events and workshops that fostered a strong sense of belonging and personal and professional development for individuals across various industries, and we can't wait for you to get to know her! 

She joins us largely in response to your invaluable feedback and a thorough review last year, we're rolling up our sleeves, ready to make some important tweaks. Our aim? To keep inspiring and uplifting girls and young women through mentorship experiences that truly make a difference, as well as supporting and bringing together the amazing community of mentors that make it all possible.

Listening to Your Feedback

Last year, we sat down with some of you and took stock. Your feedback has been invaluable! 🗣️ Here's a sneak peek into what we're working on, inspired by your insights:

Adapting in a Post-COVID World: The volunteering landscape is still evolving post-COVID, and so are we. We're rolling out hyper-localised recruitment efforts to ensure mentorship opportunities are accessible far and wide.

The Power of Personal Connections: We've noticed that many of you join us through personal connections. We're leaning into this strength, using these connections to open doors and guide more women through the mentorship journey.

People Over Processes: While processes are important, we get it – some of you thrive with a more personal touch. That's why we're making sure everyone feels supported and heard, every step of the way.

More Heads-Up Time: There is a lot of pressure on our schools, which can mean communication isn’t always as quick as we would like for you. We've heard you loud and clear! You need more notice and more time to prepare. We are developing ways to offer more structure and ensure we continue to keep you updated. 

Never alone: We know it can sometimes feel quite daunting to be a mentor. We want you to feel confident and supported in your mentoring journey, so look out for more opportunities to connect and learn. 

Support for All Mentors: If you don't find an immediate match, don't fret. We're creating avenues for you to stay engaged and grow within our community.

Diversity in Perspective: We're committed to a more diverse mentor pool. This means exploring innovative recruitment strategies that go beyond the norm.

Building a True Community: Your mentorship experience should feel like a vibrant, supportive network. Through tailored training, inspiring talks, and meaningful networking opportunities, we aim to create just that.

So Mentor Community, keep an eye out for updates, and keep giving us feedback; let's continue to inspire, empower and mentor!✨

Meet Dezrika and join fellow mentors at the next Mentor Community Welcome and Support Lunch on Wednesday(22nd November)

Remind yourself who your main contact and Network Manager for your region is. 

If you can help us to open doors into new networks through an event, organisation or group you belong to or might be able to support us in other ways- we would love to hear from you!