Welcome to The Girls' Network! We are so grateful that you have chosen to join us as a mentor.

As well as helping a girl to feel more confident and positive about her future, our mentors often share that mentoring has a positive impact on their own development, and we really hope that this will be your experience too. Mentoring skills are highly valuable in the workplace and the perspective that you gain from working with a young person with a different view of the world can be transformative.

The power of mentoring is amazing, and we are excited to see where your journey will take you and your mentee.

Forget the gym, forget a language class. Mentoring is the best return on investment you can get for an hour a month


As part of our safeguarding procedures we conduct a DBS on every new mentor. This process, along with completing your training, is a compulsory part of becoming a mentor with us.

Each DBS costs the charity £28. There is absolutely no requirement or expectation for you to fund this yourself, however many mentors have, in the past, expressed a desire to contribute. We are always delighted to accept that offer - as a small charity, these DBS costs can really add up!  

If you would like to make a donation please do so by clicking the donate button. Every penny will be invested back into reaching more girls who need a mentor just like you! 

Thank you.