Pauline Harris & Katie Thiselton

Pauline is our former Head of Finance and Operations. She has a substantial background in finance, development and administration within the aviation industry. She will lead the Resources Directorate which will focus on income for impact, fundraising, development of digital infrastructure and resources, ensuring that we have the right capabilities in place to reach more girls.
Katie has an extensive background in the youth & charity sectors, from working directly with young people overseas at the start of her career, to leading programmes at a strategic level as our former Head of Programmes. Katie will lead the Programme Directorate to deliver programmes in areas of highest need, understand our impact and innovate our programmes and networks. She will also lead on comms and safeguarding.
Jointly the Co-Executive Directors will oversee strategy, risk, budgeting and work with the trustees to ensure good governance.
As part of their commitment to putting the needs of the girls we work with at the centre of their work, Pauline and Katie will be reverse mentored by two of The Girls' Network ambassadors.