It’s been a difficult two years for many of us, but particular for girls and young women from the least advantaged communities. Those who may not have had the same financial resilience throughout the lockdown. Whose futures have become far more uncertain, and who have needed to demonstrate remarkable resilience and ingenuity to deal with the challenges life has thrown at them.

The girls we support at The Girls’ Network have achieved amazing things over this period - they’ve seized opportunities and been creative and adaptable when exams have been cancelled or they’ve had additional challenges at home. Yet many have also had to deal with mental health issues, exacerbated home situations or additional caring responsibilities.

Our mentors have been an incredible support and resource through this period, and we couldn’t do our work without them.

But we also couldn’t do what we do, nor reach more girls who need it, without funds.

That’s why I’m running the Royal Parks Half this year to raise funding for The Girls’ Network, to help us realise a future where no girl is limited by her gender or background.

If you feel able to donate, then I would be incredibly grateful for your support. If you can’t, but would be willing to share with your networks, then that would also be great.

Thank you in advance! Charly Young