The Ambassador Community is a collective of inspiring young women who have all been mentored through The Girls’ Network. As a community, they have access to work experience, workshops, and events; all designed to equip them with the skills and networks they need to thrive.

But why is this network such an important offering to the next generation? Previous mentee and current ambassador based in Liverpool, Yentel Russell, says: “It was only after taking up the opportunity to have mentoring with The Girls’ Network that I gained the confidence, passion and determination I needed to recognise what was important to me.”


Positive role models: why mentoring matters

Yentel moved from Curacao in the Caribbean to Liverpool in 2019. In the autumn of that year she became a mentee and discovered a passion for politics. 

When she first moved to the UK, Yentel wasn’t sure of what she wanted to do, but says it is thanks to joining The Girls’ Network that she was able to access support and explore different options. To her, mentoring is a vital tool for young women and girls: 

“I see so many young people confused, troubled and in complete desperation as to what to do with their lives, while also troubled with issues of inequality and social deprivation. 

“In my mind charities like The Girls’ Network are an essential service for young people as they provide support, guidance and advice from real people who can relate to them and their situation. They also inspire them to follow the right pathway and not go down any potentially self-destructive pathways, while widening their networks and opening their eyes to the opportunities available to them.”

Mentoring: the impact

Yentel is currently studying for A levels in English, History and Spanish at City of Liverpool College, where she also holds the role of Vice President at the Student Union. Alongside her studies, Yentel is a Young Advisor at Liverpool City Council and works with local schools to understand the challenges they are facing.

While Yentel’s journey as a mentee has come to an end, she remains an active member of the network as an ambassador, where she uses her voice to empower other young women who are exploring further education and the world of work. Her reason for remaining close to the network? The direct support she has received since joining: 

“I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today if it wasn’t for my mentor. She opened my eyes to all the possibilities for my future and put me in touch with some fantastic people who provided me with practical advice and insight.

“I will be forever grateful for the experience, which gave me the confidence I needed to reach my goals.”


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