Our Ambassador Community aims to give girls and young women the opportunity to get their voices heard on topics that matter to them. The community helps them build their confidence in speaking publicly and supports them to find platforms on which to be heard. As part of this agenda, ambassador Salma recently got to interview the Chief Executive of UN Women UK to talk about the 16 days of Activism campaign that took place in November. It was a fantastic opportunity for Salma to share her views and those of her fellow ambassadors...

Hey everyone! I had this awesome opportunity, thanks to The Girls' Network Ambassador Community and our partners. I got to chat with Tabitha Morton, the Chief Executive of UN Women UK. We were diving into the theme for the 16 Days of Activism campaign, which was all about creating safe spaces.

During our talk, I got to share about The Girls' Network and what our Ambassadors get involved in, and how they're rocking at building safe spaces for all girls and women. Tabitha dropped some wisdom, saying we should continue to keep our spaces interesting, inviting and engaging.

We also discussed how men can play a crucial role in helping women tackle these issues. It was a real eye-opener! Overall, it was an amazing convo, and huge thanks to the Ambassador Community for making it happen.

The UN Women UK is on a mission to ensure that public spaces are safe and inclusive for everyone, right now.

Even though UN Women UK's charity team is small, they're making a big impact, shaping a national conversation. Ideas from many, including yours, are already sparking change at music festivals, with taxi companies, on public transport, in organisations, and online. It's a pivotal time for change.

A big shout out to everyone for being part of the podcast conversation! My voice and your voice matters in creating a safer and more inclusive environment for all.Let's keep the conversation going and make a difference together!

You can watch Salma in the opening podcast from the 16 Days of Activism campaign here.

A huge thanks to Salma for sharing with new audiences how being part of the mentoring programme has helped her to develop into a confident and assured young woman. Thanks also to Mi Elfveson founder of Eyestorm Women and Tabitha Morton CEO UN Women UK for inviting Salma to join them in this important and interesting conversation.