Our Ambassador Community offers a wide range of self development opportunities, events and workshops. Many sessions are online but sometimes we run events in person, like the Manifesting, Self-love and Empowerment retreat that we ran at Missionworks in London last year. In this blog Ambassador Khushi shares what she enjoyed about this workshop, it's a great read for this time of year when so many young people are dealing with exam stress...

When I first signed up for the Self Manifestation workshop I was thrilled I could go - on the day though things didn’t go as planned.  It was pouring with rain on the day of the workshop, there were transport issues with rail strikes and I thought it was near impossible to get there.  I was late to the workshop but I’m so glad I went.

I got to the workshop venue at Missionworks and it was the most warm and welcoming retreat and immediately I started feeling relaxed - even though I was soaked!

Missionworks has been a hub for the local community for over 120 years.  The building was revamped and we had access to the facilities from the beautiful circle sofa,  cosy kitchen and of course the hanging garden where we spent the afternoon.   The plants and greenery provide a sense of belonging and security - almost like being at home. 

I met some cool people and got to join the end of the Sharing Circle where we shared a little about ourselves and shared herbal tea - it gave some strong grounding vibes.   We also picked an affirmation from the affirmation pot!

I'm very passionate about manifestations and spirituality and resonated with the themes.  I relate to things like positive self talk.  So when our workshop facilitators Moon spoke about the practice of gratitude I was so pleased because it’s something I believe in and practice.

Practicing gratitude is about looking out for good things, noticing them every day and really appreciating them.  The workshop encouraged us to think of three things that we were all thankful for and how to make it a daily habit to focus on what’s good in our lives.  By expressing gratitude we found ourselves reaffirming positive thoughts.  I find I can sleep better, feel more energetic and have emotional balance.  

I’m a spiritual person and self-manifestation and quiet moments have really helped me in my life - so it really appreciated to find someone who could fully comprehend the vision of affirmations, gratitude and self-belief.  The workshop taught us about how to move towards our goals and the afternoon was spent on vision boards.  Although I didn’t fully complete my vision board, what I did benefit from was the interaction of talking through what I hoped to do with Moon, the other Ambassadors and the co-workshop facilitator and actor Elisha Applebaum.  Elisha plays 'Musa' in the Netflix teen drama ‘Fate: the Winx Saga’.  Her storyline is centred around letting go of the past in order to grow as a person.  We definitely took a lot of selfies with her and Moon!

And I can’t forget our delicious vegan lunch - so good to eat with other people all taking part in something that I really relate to.

I left with a feel of renewed energy, positive vibes and a real purpose to achieve my goals!

Looking forward to another workshop!

Thanks for sharing Khushi - it sounds like a great event and there are some really good tips in here for developing and maintaining good mental health. 

We'll be running more events like this soon as part of our Ambassador programme. Click here to find out more about this community.