In this month's blog, ambassadors Olivia and Liza tell us about their chat with filmmakers Oriane and Anaïs from Candid Broad Productions. This independent and women-led film company has been working with us to help ambassadors who are interested in film production to understand more about the career. So far, they have hosted an online workshop all about filmmaking, offered internships to our ambassador community, and now have taken part in this thought-provoking conversation...

Hey film enthusiasts and budding storytellers! 

The Girls’ Network was thrilled to delve into the exciting world of independent cinema; as ambassadors, we had the privilege of chatting with the creative minds behind Candid Broads Productions.

Candid Broads Productions, spearheaded by Oriane Pick and Anaïs Ferrato, isn't just a production company; it's a movement. Their mission? To redefine storytelling, champion diverse voices, and spark conversations that resonate far beyond the screen.

Oriane and Anaïs shared insights into their journey, their passion for filmmaking, and the projects close to their hearts.

From "To The Girl I Once Knew," a celebration of friendship and self-discovery, to "Smudged Smile," a poignant exploration of resilience and hope, Candid Broads Productions is committed to telling stories that matter. Their dedication to inclusivity both in front of and behind the camera sets a new standard for the industry.

So, what's next for Candid Broads Productions? The possibilities are endless! With a keen eye for talent and a thirst for innovation, Oriane, Anaïs, and their team are poised to continue pushing boundaries and challenging norms in the world of independent cinema.

Recent data from Birds Eye View, a female-focused film organisation, reveals a concerning trend in the UK film industry: a 6% decline in the number of films made by women released in 2022 compared to the previous year.

Out of the 588 titles that received theatrical releases in the UK this year, only 143, or 24%, were created by women. To meet the criteria, a film must be directed or co-directed and/or written or co-written (with at least 50% film credit) by women.

This decline is noteworthy, especially when considering that in 2021, 166 titles (30%) met the qualifying criteria. The decrease underscores the persistent challenges faced by women in the film industry, despite efforts to promote gender diversity and inclusion.

Even amongst this concerning decline, there are shining examples of women-led filmmakers who are making significant contributions and amplifying their voices in the film industry like Candid Broads.

Candid Broads stands out as a great example of women-led filmmakers making their mark in the industry.

If you are planning to embark on a cinematic journey, let's remember the power of storytelling to inspire, uplift, and unite us. 

Your voice matters, your story deserves to be heard, and with a sprinkle of passion and creativity, anything is possible.

So why not tune in to watch our interview with Candid Broads Productions below.

Until next time, lights, camera, action! 🎬

Liza and Olivia

We are very grateful to the team at Candid Broads for their support and look forward to working together to offer work experience & internships for our ambassador community in the future. We are also proud to be a part of the wider work they are doing to ensure that girls' and women's stories are being told.

If you are interested in a film career - make sure you watch our online workshop on independent filmmaking here.