The Ambassador Community offers Online Workshops each month to help girls find out more about certain careers and development opportunities. These workshops are usually hosted by an ambassador and are a great way for them to get some experience with public speaking as well as the opportunity to network with the workshop guests.

In April we ran a workshop all about the Infrastructure and Development industries and we were joined by several professional women who work in senior positions within these fields. The session was hosted by our ambassador Rumaysa, who here shares what she got out of the experience of hosting...

Hosting My First Workshop on Infrastructure and Development: Insights and Reflections

I recently had the opportunity of hosting my first workshop on infrastructure and development on behalf of The Girls' Network, with the primary objective of providing a secure and supportive environment for young girls to interact with accomplished senior professionals and receive insights into the field. This experience not only allowed me to develop my confidence and public speaking skills but also helped me to gain a deeper appreciation of the challenges faced by young girls from low-income backgrounds when entering underrepresented industries and the need to address this disparity.

The panel of 4 senior directors included professionals from leading companies such as Balfour Beatty, National Express, National Highways, and WSP. Each panelist shared their experiences and insights about project management and the complexities of transport and highway projects. We also discussed alternative educational backgrounds to standard degrees and whether or not they hamper career progression – which I can gladly share is not the case!

The workshop was designed to be fun, engaging, and interactive. The girls had the opportunity to ask questions and gain valuable insights from the senior professionals. It was incredibly motivating to see these young girls interact with such accomplished individuals and receive guidance and support in their career aspirations.

One of the most interesting topics we discussed was how to overcome setbacks as a woman in a male-dominated industry. The panelists shared their experiences and strategies for overcoming challenges and building resilience. It was clear that the support of peers, mentors, and a strong network of women can make a huge difference in navigating the challenges of this industry.

As someone who naturally doesn’t subscribe to the notion of having a role model and doesn’t need to see someone who looks like me to feel like I belong somewhere, this experience really opened my eyes. I was able to empathise with young girls with diverse mindsets and recognise that confidence issues are widespread, and the lack of representation in these industries is a key issue when tackling this problem. The event highlighted the importance of acknowledging and supporting those who may be struggling, even if we are not.

Having benefitted from the support and comfort of having a female mentor through The Girls' Network during the pandemic, I feel a sense of responsibility to pay it forward and help others reach their potential.

Through hosting my first workshop on infrastructure and development, I was able to enhance my public speaking skills and confidence. Additionally, it was fulfilling to offer young girls a safe space to interact with industry professionals and receive valuable guidance. This experience reinforced the value of giving back and assisting others in achieving their goals.

Thanks for sharing Rumaysa, its great to hear that the experience has encouraged you to 'pay it forward' and help other girls to benefit from your help and support. You can watch the recording below, we're sure you'll agree that Rumaysa does a great job at hosting.

Thanks also to Copper Consulting for helping us put this workshop on and to our speakers for giving their time. It's great to hear women talk so passionately about their work and to learn what they and others are doing to encourage more young women into their industries.

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