Back in March some of our ambassadors and mentees were invited to No. 10 Downing Street to meet with inspirational women from a wide range of professions and industries. Here Theresa and some of her fellow ambassadors share what they got out of this amazing opportunity...

Theresa in front of No 10 door!"Visiting Downing Street was a kind of a surreal experience - I never would thought I would be able to do so.  The security was as always kind of fun because they do have to check on everyone and we had to leave our phones in the reception area.  

Walking up those plush stairs with all the former Prime Ministers staring down from mellow yellow at us reminded me of key political moments like when David Cameron resigned.

I found the rich diverse range of business women at the networking event insightful and inspiring.  It was so nice to speak to successful and strong women of colour at the event from writers, business women, fashion designers and musicians. 

I was intrigued by the historic decor of 10 Downing Street with previous Prime Ministers leaving their legacies behind.  Like Margaret Thatcher who included in the corner of the ceilings of her room a small hay thatch and Tony Blair left bees, representing a member of each of his family. 

We saw Winston’s Churchill’s chair that he travelled with - though I wasn’t inspired to sit on it. 

I sign off as your future Prime Minister, Right Honourable Theresa Oghenetejiri Enemua MP"

Sounds like a great day Theresa and we look forward to a bright future for us all with you in charge! Here’s a few thoughts from other Ambassadors who also got to come along...

"I really enjoyed meeting so many women with such a diverse range of skills and experiences! I left feeling really motivated and empowered. I just wish we could have spent more time getting to know everyone. " - Eviee

"It was a good networking event, to meet inspirational women from various professions and careers.  Not everyone follows a traditional career, journeys change so it's not always a bad thing, valuable career changes, not following the crowd,  Meeting these business women at Downing Street did me give the opportunity to understand the routes they all took and the challenges they faced"- ZakZak and Amy

"I really liked talking to different women at 10 Downing Street from various industries and hearing their journeys - when you hear their stories it becomes real and I could relate.  The woman who did the jewellery was friendly and who was really interesting."  Amy

"It was an absolute privilege to be present at 10 Downing Street and be surrounded by such talented and inspiring mentors, mentees, ambassadors at staff, I really enjoyed networking with the professional mentors and I gained an in-depth insight into their lives and gained a lot of advice that I could implement into my life. One thing I found quite inspiring was how each and every one of the mentors had a struggle of their own throughout their careers and that is what made their story stronger. Thank you to The Girls' Network for organising this day!" Farheen 

"I’m so glad I had the opportunity to attend the International Women’s Day event at 10 Downing Street! I really enjoyed connecting with such amazing and inspiring women as I got to learn something valuable from each of them. I’ll be sure to listen to all their advice and words of encouragement when I enter the world of work myself!" Ishrat

And you can watch Zak, Yentel and Aiseosa sharing their thoughts on the day here:

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