It’s the end of the decade. What has defined the 2010s for you? At The Girls’ Network, we’ve spent the better half of the last 10 years working towards our mission of unlimited futures for all young women. Samantha was one of our first ever mentees. She recently asked if she could share her story with you: 

“I cannot put into words how grateful I am for everything. The whole experience opened up so many doors. I am now in my last year of law school, it’s been tough and has taken a lot of hard work, and I had to overcome a lot of challenges. I honestly do not think I would have continued at university or be as strong minded as I am if I had not been a part of The Girls’ Network.” 

We have matched almost 2000 girls like Samantha with a professional female mentor, but there are still 150,000 girls aged 14-19 on free school meals in the UK. We have ambitious plans for 2020 and beyond which will enable us to reach even more girls, but we’re a small team with very limited resources. 

We cannot do this without you. 

This festive season, play a part in defining the next decade by:

  • Every teenage girl flourishing regardless of background or parental income
  • Every girl feeling supported to realise her ambitions, discover her self-worth and develop her capacity to shape the world
  • Women of all races and backgrounds equally represented in politics and leadership roles 

We have two exciting FUNdraising challenges for you to choose from TODAY! Which one has your name on it? 

The Girls’ Network Madvent Calendar

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2. To help you keep track of £ raised, set up a fundraising page here telling your friends how it works

3. GO! You have 25 days to raise £325

4. Did you know? £750 pays for a mentee to be on the programme for a year plus lifetime membership to the ambassador programme - ask your employer or a generous friend to match your total!

Double the Fun Secret Santa

1. If you're doing a Secret Santa this year, get your group to match whatever amount they’re spending on gifts and donate it to us!

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3. Share this poster with any other friends and family who are also doing a Secret Santa this year and get them to do the same and donate to your fundraiser!

The Girls' Network Madvent Calendar

Double the Fun Secret Santa