Network Manager, Chloe, began her journey with The Girls' Network as a mentee, before becoming an ambassador and later joining the London team. Ahead of the Big Give, she talks about the impact mentoring has had on her and her career.

"Eight years ago, I was selected to be on The Girls’ Network programme, and now as an ambassador, mentor and a Network Manager for The Girls’ Network I have experienced the positive impacts of the charity.                                

"During school, I had a clear idea of what career I wanted to go into but no idea how to get there and if it was even possible. I struggled to believe in myself, so all my aspirations seemed unachievable. My mentor allowed me to grow as an individual, inspiring me to take on different opportunities and get me work experience in a law firm. I have always wanted to help people, so I just assumed I could do this by becoming a lawyer.

"At this age, I didn’t fully understand all the different jobs in the world but knew lawyers were deemed as successful. My work experience gave me insight into the sector, but also gave me independence and knowledge of the working world.

"By the end of The Girls’ Network programme, my confidence had grown, I had developed skills in public speaking and networking. The programme also opened my eyes to the endless careers in the world, and that I didn’t need to study law to be successful. In that year, I learnt a lot about myself and was honoured to become an ambassador for The Girls’ Network.

"I developed the skills I had learnt on the programme and used them at university. I continued to put myself forward for opportunities and used my voice to stand up for what I believed in. After university, I was facing similar problems as my younger self. I now had a better understanding of the career I wanted to get into, but still wasn’t sure how to get there.

"Being an ambassador for The Girls’ Network allowed me to access their resources and get some advice around finding a job. I was introduced to a few successful people in the industry I was interested in, who gave me useful tips on how to start and process my career after university. It’s very unlikely that I would have been able to connect with these people if I hadn’t been on the programme.

"I am now a Network Manager at The Girls’ Network and continue to use the skills I developed eight years ago. I am privileged to now be a mentor to girls who have similar experiences to myself, and to be working for the charity which helped me become the woman I am today."

"My role allows me to empower and inspire girls every day, having a positive effect on their lives. The Girls’ Network has had a big impact on my life and will continue to throughout my career. I am truly grateful for their continued support. Donating during the Big Give can help us reach more girls like me, inspiring them to believe in themselves, and empowering them to achieve their aspirations."

- Chloe Robinson-Hunter, Network Manager and ambassador at The Girls' Network

To donate during the Big Give, visit our campaign page between midday on 30 November and midday on 7 December.