At The Girls' Network we say you can't be what you can't see. By connecting young women to a mentor and network of role models who are women, we seek to show them that they can be and do whatever they choose.

Here, Liv, an ambassador based in Warrington, talks about the impact her mentor has had on her during her mentoring journey.


I first got introduced to The Girls' Network at the start of 2021, during lockdown. I joined an information session and this is where I started to learn more about it. I was really nervous about applying, but I was also intrigued.

I decided to apply for a few reasons. Firstly, I wanted to gain a lot more confidence. That was really my main ambition. I was nowhere near where I wanted to be confidence-wise. Secondly, I wanted to gain knowledge from the field I want to work in (my dream is to be a forensic pathologist), as even though I knew a lot about it, I wanted to gain more insight and knowledge from someone that actually works in that career. My final thought was, ‘I'm never going to get another opportunity like this again’. I knew I had to go for it. 

It has been a great experience. I’ve done so many great things with my mentor. I love football, so she introduced me to the captain of the women's Warrington Wolves football team, and getting the chance to ask her questions and get to know more about how she trains and what she actually does was so great. Another session that was really useful and really exciting was when she introduced me to a forensic pathologist she knows and I had the opportunity to ask her questions. I think this was my favorite and most beneficial session as it helped me find out more about the field that I want to work in. 

Even the simplest sessions where my mentor and I just chatted and had a catch-up built my confidence. Having a mentor is great - just knowing that you can always email someone if you need advice or help, or even any questions you may want answering. 

Throughout the programme I've had many opportunities as well as the mentoring, and I’ve been invited to attend loads of online workshops. One of the biggest opportunities that I was offered and took part in was the Aramco team series workshop, where I spoke to professional golf players and asked them questions. It was nerve-racking at first, as I was meeting two strangers - other mentees just like me. I was pushed out of my comfort zone but in the end it was very interesting and instead of just speaking to my mentor, which I was used to, I was on a call with many others. It really built my confidence to the next level. 

Now that I'm finished, I realise one of the great things about The Girls’ Network is knowing you can still get in touch with them after you have completed the programme. If you need help within the field you want to work in or are working in, you can email someone and they’ll help you. 

I know this opportunity could benefit others as well as myself. If you're struggling to decide what field you want to work in or what career path you want to take, there are so many people at The Girls' Network - especially your mentor - that can help you choose that future career. With there being many workshops as well, you can take part in these and you never know what you might discover. Maybe there is one workshop that comes along, you go along to learn more, and then you realise that you really enjoy it and can study this in the future. 

You could find your dreams just like The Girls’ Network helped me find mine.