There are many ways to support us to reach more girls and young women:

  • Become a mentor - offer your time, skills and support to help a girl believe in herself and her unlimited future.
  • Donate - as a one of payment or as a regular giver - every penny will help us reach more girls and young women.
  • Partner with us - our corporate and community partners help us in many ways, from supporting us financially to sharing their skills and expertise. They are an important and valued part of our network.
  • Fundraise for us - there are lots of ways to raise funds for us, either through our sporting events or by setting up your own event.
  • Spread the word - liking and sharing our posts on social media, telling your friends and colleagues about us or opening doors to new networks of women, get in touch if you'd like our support to do this.
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Thank you for your interest in our cause.