Across England, women are empowering girls in a simple yet powerful way: by being a mentor for them. After nearly two years of disrupted education and uncertainty about their future, girls from the least advantaged communities need this more than ever. 


It shouldn't be on women and girls to break the bias that they face. Yet, every day we see them do just that. They do it without even realising, as they grab hold of the unlimited future they deserve. 

Our mentees do it as they continue to show up and persist despite the challenges they might be facing, or as they push past their comfort zone. As they seize opportunities that they might not have believed were for them. Our ambassadors do so as they grab hold of their futures, drive for change, and act as role models to their peers. And our mentors do so as they balance multiple roles in their personal and professional lives.


It's not on women and girls alone to make this world a more equitable place.

It’s on all of us. 

Mentoring matters. Mentoring works. This International Women’s Day (IWD) we are asking you to break the bias and reinforce that no girl’s future is limited by her gender, background or parental income.

So, what can you do to support the women and girls in our network and break the bias?


In the eight years we’ve existed we’ve connected with thousands of young women in England from the least advantaged communities, to support them to have the unlimited future of their choice. We currently support more than 1,200 girls each year but there are many more thousands of young women we still need to reach.

When you make a donation to The Girls’ Network you could help us break the bias and show every young woman that the future is hers to choose.


We say you can't be what you can't see. But when we connect girls from the least advantaged communities with a mentor and network of role models who are women, we're showing them that they can be and do anything they choose. Mentors are professional women with connections in the working world and experience of holding (and owning) many roles. They inspire and empower their mentee to grab hold of their own future. It's a ripple effect, and it plays a key role in breaking the bias women and girls face.

Want to get involved? We need you, and a girl in your community needs you. Find out more and sign up here.


Your support matters

Without it, we simply can't continue to connect girls from the least advantaged communities to a mentor and reinforce that their future can be unlimited.

Stand with us this International Women's Day: together, we can #BreaktheBias.

Thinking of taking part in a sports event? Perhaps you want to host a fundraiser where you work? Learn more about all the ways you can support The Girls' Network, and break the bias, here.

From everyone at The Girls' Network - thank you for your support this International Women's day and beyond!