The Empowerium
4-10 December

The Empowerium, a pop-up shop, exhibit and event space, was created to raise money to empower and support girls aged 14-19 from the least advantaged communities.


Where it all began

In December 2020 we launched The Empowerium online, a spoof marketplace 'selling' faux empowering products. They were as ridiculous as gender inequality itself, everything from a 'have it all' hold-all to a pay gap filler. Upon clicking buy on any of these items, shoppers were instead asked to do something that will actually empower a girl: donate to The Girls' Network. The concept was a huge hit and the natural next step had to be a physical store.

The Empowerium: pop-up shop, exhibit and event space

The Empowerium invited people to take part in a raffle to win exclusive items while raising money to enhance the opportunities of girls aged 14-19 from the least-advantaged communities across England. The space was a bold (very pink) commentary of gender equality, and connected us to women we had the opportunity to meet for the first time.

I loved the online Empowerium, I thought it was one of the most creative campaigns I've ever seen!

Cara Delevingne, Karla Crome (Carnival Row, Misfits) and brands including The Body Shop, Cos, S120 and Cissy Wears donated products which were displayed and raffled off to support us in securing unlimited futures for every young woman. Items available to shoppers included a one-off sketch by Downton Abbey costume designer Anna Robbins and a print by Sussex artist Sara Pope.

"We are delighted that so many women and well-known brands have got behind this idea, all of whom share our goal of securing unlimited fures for every young woman.

"The disproportionate impact of Covid-19 on those from the least advantaged communities continues to be felt and we hope that this shop, with its unique items and essential message, will encourage people to donate and support us in our mission." - Charly Young, CEO at The Girls' Network

How YOU can get involved

Share our belief that no girl should have their future limited by their gender, background or parental income? Take a look online and make a donation; every action of support you offer makes a difference.

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