Covid-19 has affected everyone. But it’s affected the least advantaged the most. Now, thousands of the least advantaged girls across the UK face a bleak future – unless they’re given the support and empowerment they need. At The Girls’ Network, we provide just that. Help us Save the Class of 2021. Donate this International Women’s Day.



Statistics show the pandemic has impacted women, young people and those from the least advantaged communities the most. That means teenage girls from poor homes have been hit hardest of all.


Their lessons have been cancelled. Their exams have been cancelled. Their work experience has been cancelled. But that doesn’t mean their futures have to be.

We provide mentoring to thousands of young women aged 14-19 across England. By matching girls with professional women, we help them develop the confidence, networks and skills to realise their potential. Throughout the pandemic, we remained fully operational. Thanks to public and industry support, we’ve helped thousands of girls over the last 12 months. Donate to help us reach the many young women who still need us.


Thousands of girls risk having their futures taken away from them. You can stop this. Through mentoring and support, we can help ensure a year of Covid doesn’t impact their entire lives. Donate now to help us Save the Class of 2021.

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Please share that you’ve supported us on your social media. Here’s a post you can copy, or create your own! Young people's futures, cancelled? I #ChooseToChallenge this on #IWD2021. I'm investing in vital services like mentoring by donating to The Girls' Network, which has continued to support girls from the least advantaged communities throughout the pandemic. #Savetheclassof2021!